Fashion and Modesty with Nabiila Bee (Interview)

Is it possible to be modest in the fashion industry?
You may be interested in knowing my feelings on this topic, but I decided to ask a few other ladies in the industry to see how they feel about it.

First up is Nabiilabee
Nabiila Bee is a Muslim Youtube fashion and style guru, best known for her hijab tutorials and style videos. She has over 9 million views and 69,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel.
I asked NabiilaBee a few questions to get her perspective on modesty and fashion.

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The Modesta: What inspired you to become a fashion designer/figure?
Nabiila Bee: Back in 2011 there were only a couple of hijabi gurus on the internet and I felt there wasn’t any of my age range and my style was different. I wanted to show the modest side of fashion and that its possible to be modest and fashionable at the same time.

The Modesta: Do you feel responsible or pressured to maintain a certain image because you are Muslim?
Nabiila Bee: Yes, definitely being a role model you constantly have to remind yourself of what you do as your followers will follow your lead.

The Modesta: Describe your idea of modesty?
Nabiila Bee: Modesty that’s a hard one, everyone has their own idea of it, with me its would I pray in this, then I would go back and try to make the outfit more modest.

The Modesta: How do you believe modesty, or the lack of it impacts society?
Nabiila Bee: The media controls everything! That’s also why I got into showing my style on the internet, I wanted to show the modest side of fashion.

The Modesta: If you think about Islamic fashion today, do you believe that the trend is going too far in terms of adornment?
Nabiila Bee: Personally I think some of it is going way to far.

The Modesta: Has being Muslim in the fashion industry affected you? If so, how has it affected you?
Nabiila Bee: It’s not easy, nevertheless it’s making me a stronger person, it also makes me more and more immune to the crap muslims get and whenever I get discriminated for the scarf on my head or my religion it doesn’t affect me. It makes me want it more and want to make a change.

The Modesta: Are there are designers who inspire you?
Nabiila Bee: I get inspired by designers such as Marc Jacobs, Celine, Haider Ackermann and many more.

The Modesta: Is there any advice you would give to other Muslim girls interested in becoming a fashion designer, or being in the fashion industry?
Nabiila Bee: Yeah, you have to be passionate and do it out of love not fame. If you do it for fame you wouldn’t get far. There’s so much competition and ALOT of hard work you have to be dedicated. Otherwise go for it! Be proud of who you are and your religion and don’t do anything that you feel is not right.

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Note: This interview was conducted last year before I got discombobulated by having my last child.

My Favorite Youtubers – Business Coaches

If you are an entrepreneur like me, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed with certain aspects, and challenges of running a business. I don’t have a personal mentor, although I think it would be a great help, and at some point I may find one. In the meantime, I watch business coach’s on Youtube and other platforms, along with reading articles on sites like,, and more. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites. The list is short right now, but I will add to it as I discover more noteworthy coaches.

Gary Vaynerchuk
A marketing genius in my humble opinion. He gives practical advice in a very down to earth and palatable way. He sort of tells you to shut up and stop whining, but suggests the methods to get you to that point.


His Channel

Marie Forleo
“Create a business and live you love” is her tagline, and she gives the best advice on how to do this. She answers the “what if” and “how to” questions in a humorous, and practical way. It’s like she gets in your head, and responds to your thoughts. I love her style of coaching!

Her Channel

Yogini Fragrance – Birchbox Review

yogini perfume

Man, when I tell you I like this scent, I mean it!
There is something so uplifting about this fragrance, after spritzing this onto those choice pulse points, it just wakes me up and puts a little pep in my step.
I received a sample in one of my birchboxes, not even sure which month’s box it came in, but I just ran out, and my mission now is to convince someone (The hubs) to buy me a full-size bottle.
Jasmine, amber and aromatherapy all bundled into one nifty spritz bottle, I think it was made just for me!

Buy it here:–gtWVurkClTw2LeM1aYaAral8P8HAQ

Modest Styling – Hot Pink Hi-Low Dress

Feminine hi-low dress can be layered for fall/winter weather. Price reduction from $60 down to $24. Not bad! Click picture to purchase.

My Favorite Fashion and Beauty Youtubers

I loves me some Youtube!
I think you can tell alot about someone based on who they’re subscribed to, so here’s a list of some of my favorite beauty and fashion Youtubers.

She’s quirky, edgy, has great style, and keeps it real!
Her channel

My hair envy! She’s a boss when it comes to styling and care videos. I also love her vlog channel “Dearnaptural85.”
Her channel

She’s simply nuts! I love her OOTD’s, “follow me around”, and “does this thing really work” videos the most. My daughter showed me her videos a few years ago, and I was dying laughing. I have been watching her ever since.
Her Channel

I love the elegance and femininity in her style. She’s one of the first Muslimah youtubers I started watching.
Her Channel

Patricia Bright (Britpopprincess)
I love her style, it’s very classy! She also does great vlogging videos.
Her Channel

I love the way she does her turban styles, and her tutorials are always easy to follow. She’s amazing with colors! I stay in awe of her color combinations.
Her Channel

The dynamic duo, they remind me of my sister Bee and I! They have amazing makeup tutorials.
Their Channel

Clothes Encounters
Her style is funky and grunge (do they still call it that?). I love the way she edits her OOTDs!
Her Channel

Young, Wild and Polished
If I weren’t me, I would be her! Her videos are hilarious, she does awesome nail and makeup tutorials, reviews etc. I would watch her for the bloopers alone.
Her Channel

Farah Dhukai
Amazing makeup, style and skincare videos.
Her Channel

Sewing Patterns

staple pattern

I found a love for sewing through watching my mother make clothes growing up. We rarely ever bought clothes from the store, and I don’t remember ever wanting to until I was a teenager. I loved the uniqueness of my outfits, no one else ever looked like me, and I really embraced that.
My mother used patterns, she never made her own, but she innovated alot of styles from the manufactured patterns she bought.
I also started sewing using manufactured patterns. In the fashion industry they are so taboo, but in reality being a designer doesn’t mean being a pattern maker. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with converting a manufactured pattern into your own design by using the pattern as an outline, (sloper anyone?) I’ve read about, and seen many well known designers who hire pattern makers to bring their designs to life, tons now use machines that spin off patterns (CAD).
I’ve since learned how to make my own patterns (block pattern with basic pieces), but I have no shame in saying, I still use manufactured patterns from time to time.
I found this old pattern and it brought back so many memories!

30 Days in Review

A few months ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I committed to restructuring my life in order to be more productive. I started with menu planning because I’m so allergic to cooking random food. I take food seriously, and if I’m not in the mood for something, meals turn out blah.

Baked Fish I loved!


This pasta was delicious!

Revamping my Youtube channel was on the top of my list. Luckily I bumped into a Youtube Creators Academy ad, and I decided to do the bootcamp. It was a two week course that taught basically everything about Youtubing. I loved it. I’ve been posting weekly videos since I received my certificate of completion.


I reorganized my closet in a way that allows me to get to everything I use on a daily basis, without having to play “bobbing for apples” every time I’m ready to sew, or photograph products. And oh yea, about sewing, I’m finding that my desire to be a clothing designer, and not actually sew, is growing. I have so many ideas, and I’m not really interested in personally executing them. We’ll see how this turns out.

Sorry this post is so late, unfortunately one of the areas still needing much of my attention is this blog. I have many plans for it, and they sit in wait until I find the time to execute them.


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